Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award

The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce Established the Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award in 1975, “to recognize Paul-Goodloe-McIntireoutstanding citizen contributions to our Greater Charlottesville communities.”

The Chamber Award is established and named in honor of Paul Goodloe McIntire, a distinguished Charlottesville area citizen, “whose good will set a standard of service that others through the years have reached for while helping to weave a fabric of selflessness that continues to provide for our community and its citizens.”

The Chamber McIntire Citizenship Award recipient is a citizen who has:

•  given of his or her time freely to community and civic affairs
•  contributed significantly to the direction and success of our  Greater Charlottesville Region through sounds business or professional practice, and
•  inspired others through his or her actions

The Chamber McIntire Citizenship Award recipient must live or have lived in the Greater Charlottesville region and need not be a member of our Chamber. The Award may be given posthumously.

This award is given every year at the Chamber Annual Dinner.

Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award

    DEADLINE: OCTOBER 19, 2018



Previous McIntire Award Recipients:

Kurt Krueger - 2017William L. Howard - 2002
William J. Kehoe - 2016James S. Kennan - 2001Hovey S. Dabney - 1987
Dr. Marcus L. Martin - 2015Paul H. Wood - 2000Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. - 1986
Cathy S. Train - 2014Richard & Julia Nunley - 1999Francis Fife - 1985
Cole Hendrix - 2013Mary Ann Elwood - 1998Bernard J. Haggerty - 1984
Mike Gaffney - 2012Dr. George & Ann Spence - 1997George C. Palmer III - 1983
Martin V. Burks III - 2011Laurence Richardson - 1996James E. Bowen - 1982
Alvin Clements - 2010Guy Agnor - 1995Junius R. Fishburne - 1981
John T. Casteen, III - 2009The Jessup Family - 1994Laurence Brunton - 1980
Dan & Lou Jordan - 2008Nancy O'Brien - 1993Mary Victoria Craw - 1979
Harold Wright - 2007Darden Towe - 1992Lionel S. Key - 1978
Grace Carpenter - 2006Mr. & Mrs. James Murray - 1991Randolph H. Perry - 1977
Joseph Teague, Sr. - 2005Elizabeth B. Gleason - 1990Joel M. Cochran - 1976
E. Marshal Pryor, III - 2004Drewary J. Brown - 1989Mitch Van Yahres - 1975
Leonard Sandridge - 2003John B. Rogan - 1988

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