The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce today announced that it has established a Chamber Minority Business Council.  The Council organized and adopted its charter bylaws on January 9th and those bylaws were approved by the Chamber Board of Directors at its January 24th organizational meeting.  The new Chamber Council is an outgrowth of the Charlottesville City Dialogue on Race, the �Orange Dot Project� and the leadership of several Chamber member enterprises. �We are very encouraged by this new Chamber Minority Business Council,� said Patricia L. Cluff, Associate Vice President at the University of Virginia Health System, who serves as the 2012 Chair of the Chamber Board of Directors.  �This new council will open avenues for enterprise and jobs for a number of Chamber enterprises. �The City of Charlottesville greatly appreciates the effort to launch this new initiative,� said Charlottesville Mayor Satyendra Huja.  �The City fully supports this new effort and wishes it much success.� Anne Brown, of National College and Allison Linney, of Allison Partners, have been selected by the Chamber to serve as the founding Chamber Minority Business Council Co-Chairs.  At the January 9th meeting, about 15 enterprises signed-on as charter members with the new Chamber Council.  Charter membership is open for the next two months.  The Chamber Minority Business Council will accept membership throughout the year and in future years.   The Council�s purpose is �to grow and support minority businesses by facilitating: the startup of new businesses; the successful running of existing businesses and exiting businesses.�  Its strategy is �to provide access to the greater Charlottesville Business Community; to provide an advocating group to the foundations, governmental, for profit and non-profit customers/clients; and to provide a clearinghouse for creating new, maintaining existing, and nurturing longstanding relationships that lead to greater economic vitality.� The Chamber Minority Business Council goals are �to substantially increase the creation of new businesses and improve their success rate in Charlottesville and surrounding areas; to serve existing businesses by enhancing their viability through increased exposure and visibility; and, to create an incubational environment where ideas, strategies, and talents are exchanged among members. In pursuit of its goals, the Chamber Minority Business Council will �strive to create an economic and governmental environment favorable to business, to promote the exchange of ideas between members, and to support other activities needed to further the business success of its members.  The civic, general welfare and the quality of life interests of the Greater Charlottesville area shall be promoted and enhanced in the attainment of this purpose.� For more information about the Chamber Minority Business Council, interested minority businesses and non-profit organizations may contact Andrea Copeland, Chamber Director of Member Education Services and CMBC staff liaison at  or at 434.295.3141.

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The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to representing private enterprise, promoting business, and enhancing the quality of life in our Greater Charlottesville communities.