Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce Chamber Business Women’s Round Table Announces “Chamber BWRT Advancing Women Mentorin Program”

The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce announces that the Business Women�s Round Table is launching its �Chamber BWRT Advancing Women Mentoring Program� and is actively seeking applicants for mentors and prot�g�s. The purpose of the program will be to provide professional women with help and insight for their professional and personal development.  The BWRT believes that every woman was mentored, either formally or informally, at some point in their careers and that mentoring helped her become who she is today. Therefore, the BWRT feels there is an inherent responsibility to give back to other emerging women professionals in our community. �The Chamber BWRT is a wonderful group of business women who really desire to see women succeed in business,� said Patricia L. Cluff, Associate Vice President at the University of Virginia Health System, who serves as the 2012 Chair of the Chamber Board of Directors. �This desire has motivated the cultivation of this wonderful program that will give Chamber members the opportunity to give back to the community in a unique way.� Because this Chamber program is in its first year, participation will be limited. The application deadline for those interested in being a mentor or a prot�g� is August 16th.  Applications for both mentors and prot�g�s are available online and should be returned to Carolyn Cullen, Chamber BWRT Mentoring Chair,

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