Building Goodness Foundation Presents Community Builder Award

Kelly Eplee has dedicated himself to serving the community’s most vulnerable residents leading with tenacity and boundless compassion to ensure a more equitable and prosperous life for the marginalized in our town.

At BGF, Kelly led the organization through the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and raised funds to house over a thousand families left homeless. During his tenure here, BGF went from 2 local projects a year to nearly 20 partners each year receiving much needed repair and renovation work. In the 14 years he has given to BGF, we have built 4 clinics, 5 schools, and 7 community buildings in the developing world and renovated nearly 50 local non-profits. He also led BGF to raise nearly $1M to build this office, giving us increased capacity and a literal footprint in the community.

Kelly’s contributions through best practices in nonprofit management speak for themselves. His excellence in the craft of inspiring and mobilizing others to action has resulted in the collection and effective use of $25,000,000 to benefit those in need in our community, as well as the volunteerism of 15,000 local community residents. His leadership and steadfast commitment to service have transformed the communities in which he has worked and the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable residents. His work has put programs and services in place that will continue to benefit families for generations to come.

Each year, Building Goodness Foundation selects a person or organization to receive the Jack Stoner Community Builder Award. This award honors a BGF partner or ally whose work aligns with our core value of collaboration in building communities that are healthy, viable, and interconnected. The award is named after BGF founder, Jack Stoner, in recognition of his commitment to bringing people together in volunteer service. This year we honor Kelly with this award as he leaves BGF and moves on to continue his work with Habitat for Humanity and the Southwood community. He embodies our mission to build community and improve lives and we thank Kelly and his family for his contributions to BGF.

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Building Goodness Foundation (BGF) is a Charlottesville-based nonprofit construction organization which connects skilled volunteers from the design and construction industries with communities in need at home and abroad. In partnership with the highest-quality NGOs and domestic nonprofits, we build, renovate, and repair critically needed schools, health clinics, community centers, homes, and more. To find out more, please visit

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