2012 Charlottesville Regional Chamber Minority Business Conference – Slated for September 18, 2012 at Omni Hotel, Charlottesville – 8am-4:15pm

The 2012 Chamber Minority Business Conference has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 18, 8am-4:15pm, at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia.  This inaugural event is being hosted by the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce Minority Business Council. A daylong event, the 2012 Chamber Minority Business Conference will provide a platform to promote minority-owned enterprises that provide services and products. The conference will also include a keynote speaker and offer breakout sessions with topics relevant to the needs of the business community. �Access and education is what this conference is about� said Bernard Whitsett, II, Chairman of the Chamber Minority Business Council.  �We are focused and committed to business empowerment with the goal of cultivating small business and entrepreneurial economic activity in our Charlottesville region.� The Chamber Minority Business Council was launched January 2012 growing out of the City of Charlottesville�s Dialogue on Race, the �Orange Dot Project� recommendations, and the leadership of several Chamber member enterprises. The purpose of the Chamber Minority Business Council is to grow and support minority businesses by facilitating the startup of new businesses and the successful running of existing businesses. CMBC�s strategy is to provide access to the Greater Charlottesville business and non-profit community; to provide an advocating group to the foundations, governmental, for business and non-profit customers/clients; and to provide a clearinghouse for creating new, maintaining existing, and nurturing longstanding relationships that lead to greater economic vitality. The full 2012 Chamber Minority Business Conference agenda, underwriting enterprises, and an announcement of the keynote speaker will follow in the coming weeks.

Our Mission

The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to representing private enterprise, promoting business, and enhancing the quality of life in our Greater Charlottesville communities.