“2011 Chamber Jobs Report” – Regional Study Shows 2008-09 Job Decline Stopped As Jobs Level Steadies with Just 11 Net Jobs Added In One Year; Total Jobs = 110,000

The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce, in advance of Labor Day, at a Chamber Large Employer Round Table meeting, released its �2011 Chamber Jobs Report,� the Chamber�s eighth annual comprehensive compilation and analysis of employment in Greater Charlottesville.  

Greater Charlottesville�s job-producing engines remained flat as a total of just 11 net jobs (+34 in private enterprise; -23 in government) were added in 2010 over 2009.  While not very positive, the jobs picture is an improvement over the most recent previous two years.  The region�s total net jobs dropped over the course of 2008 and 2009, losing 4,062 net jobs over those two years (-622 in 2008; -3,440 in 2009).

Overall, over the 10-year study period the Chamber Jobs Report data illustrate total jobs in the Greater Charlottesville region growing from 100,708 jobs in 2000 to 110,073 jobs in 2010, an increase of +9.3% or 9,365 jobs � for an average annual growth rate of +0.89%.  In the century�s first decade, the region has added a net gain of 4,411 (+6% / +0.59%/year) jobs in private enterprise and 4,954 (+17.9% / +1.66%/year) in government jobs.  

�The Chamber Jobs Report � 2011, Report & Analysis: Employment in the Greater Charlottesville Region, 2000-2010� was underwritten by three Chamber member enterprises � Adams & Garth Staffing, the Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development, and Wells Fargo.  The 10-year jobs study project, was conducted for the Chamber Economic Government Affairs Committee by Kevin Decker, of Decker Economics, an independent economist using the official employment database of the Virginia Employment Commission.  Chamber President Timothy Hulbert coordinated the project.  The 2011 Chamber Jobs Report can be accessed at the Chamber web site:

�The Chamber Jobs Report confirms that the jobs decline which started in late 2007 and continued to decline over the course of 2008 and 2009 ended in 2010,� said Robert P. Hodous, of Payne & Hodous, who serves as 2011 Chairman of the Chamber Board of Directors.  �The Report confirms that the recovery from the �Great Recession� has been a �jobless recovery.�  This Report provides a real service to help us all keep a focus on business, civic and public policy thinking about jobs � their creation, retention, and enhancement � every day.  Building on our jobs base has to remain our top regional priority.�
"The 2011 Chamber Jobs Report shows as a region we aren’t where we need to be but we are headed in the right direction provided we can keep the momentum going,� said Rondi Furgason, General Manager and Vice President for CenturyLink, Co-Chair of the Chamber Large Employer Round Table.  Joseph Raichel, Charlottesville Bank President of Wells Fargo and the other Chamber Round Table Co-Chair added, �I am pleased that the big job losses of 2008 & 09 have stopped, but this report clearly tells us that we have much more job creation work to do in the years ahead.  Job creation continues to need to be �Job One� of our community.�

The Chamber Jobs Report reveals five distinct overall job patterns within the region:
�    overall job growth in private enterprise from 2000 � 2010;
�    decline in private enterprise jobs from 2000 � 2003;
�    rebound in private enterprise job growth from 2003 � 2007;
�    total and private enterprise job loss in 2008 and 2009; and,
�    annual growth in government jobs (federal; state � principally the University of Virginia; city, county, district administrative and schools, etc.).  

The Chamber Jobs Report showed that over the study period, private enterprise job growth in Greater Charlottesville (+6%) outpaced private enterprise job growth in the rest of Virginia (+0.8%).  Greater Charlottesville outpaced the rest of Virginia in job performance in eight (8) of ten (10) industry sectors (the �Manufacturing,� and �Education & Health Services� NAICS codes lagged).

 The Report further reveals growth in most types of jobs.  Over the period, Education & Health Services, Professional & Business Services, and Leisure & Hospitality are the three leading percentage job gain areas.  Among private enterprise employment sectors:

�    Trade, Transportation & Utilities hold the largest segment of jobs, 17,247 or 22.3%;
�    Leisure & Hospitality is second with 12,632 jobs or 16.3%;
�    Professional & Business Services is third with 12,326 jobs or 15.9%;
�    Education and Health Services is fourth with 11,796 jobs or 15.2%; and,
�    Construction is fifth with 6,256 jobs or 8.1%.

The data for Manufacturing, the region�s second largest employment sector in 2000 (10,006 jobs or 13.7%), has lost a net total of 4,536 jobs (or -45.3%) since.  Manufacturing now accounts for only 7.1% (5,470) of the region�s private sector jobs.  Two other troubling jobs areas are: private enterprise Information employment, which lost -697 jobs (-24.3%); and Construction, which lost -517 jobs (-7.6%) over the decade.  

The Report confirms that Albemarle County, with the University of Virginia, the region�s leading employment engine, serves as the leading location of the region�s job growth with +9,677 net added jobs (+24.9%); more than the total job growth (+9,365 jobs) added in the region since 2000.  Conversely, since 2000, the City of Charlottesville has witnessed a net decrease of 3,248 jobs (-8.6%).

Early and incomplete employment indicators suggest that a modest jobs rebound has occurred during the first six months of 2011 as the region�s unemployment rate has dropped below 2010.  The Report indicates that a 2011 jobs growth rebound within the Greater Charlottesville region could be +/-1.5%.

After the 2011Chamber Jobs Report was presented by Chamber President Timothy Hulbert at the Chamber Large Employer Round Table, a �round table� discussion was held.  That discussion was led by:

�    Lee Witherow, President of Adams & Garth Staffing, a Chamber Jobs Report underwriter;
�    Timothy O�Brien, Interim President of the Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development, a Chamber Jobs Report underwriter;
�    Simone Alley, CenturyLink Market Development Manager, representing Rondi Furgason, Vice President & General Manager, Co-Chairwoman of the Chamber Large Employer Round Table; and,
�    Joseph Raichel, Charlottesville Bank President of Wells Fargo, Co-Chairman of the Chamber Large Employer Round Table and a Chamber Jobs Report underwriter.

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