Chairman’s Message

A Message from the 2016 Chairman of the Chamber Board of Directors
Adrian Felts, Chief Operations Officer, Centridian
Adrian Felts

I am honored to have been selected to serve as the 2016 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber has a recent history of outstanding Board Chairs including local leaders Chad Zakaib, Dr. Frank Friedman, Valerie Long, Patricia Cluff, Bob Hodous, Rod Gentry and Chris Lee to name a few. I will strive to emulate the integrity, vision and leadership of these and other past Chairs.

Our Chamber serves our more than 1,200 member and affiliate member enterprises through our large and active business network; by being their advocate in civic matters; and, by launching initiatives that promote business and enhance the quality of life in our Greater Charlottesville region.  Our Chamber helps promote economic vitality by helping to create and sustain a vibrant community climate to support business growth and by assisting individual businesses and civic organizations to grow their enterprise.

Since moving to Charlottesville more than a decade ago, I have come to understand how tight the business community is with one another and that Chamber membership is valuable to those who choose to engage.  Chamber members have come to together to discuss important local topics that affect their businesses, and allow our Chamber team to advocate on their behalf.  Not only has our Chamber been a strong advocate for engaged local businesses, but also has focused on job creation.

One of my goals is for our Chamber to continue our active leadership in promoting the growth of career-ladder jobs and providing access for all citizens to the education and training they need to qualify for these jobs.  I look forward to working with our Chamber Board, our engaged Chamber members, and our Charlottesville Works Initiative to continue to help create thriving businesses that create jobs which pay wages that enable our neighbor families to attain an outstanding standard of living.  Challenging, gratifying jobs also give people a purpose in life and help each of us to achieve our individual potential.  Meaningful work, with good pay, also contributes to the development of a caring community where people support charities and human services to assist those less fortunate.  In other words, economic vitality and growth leads to individual opportunity which promotes a strong community.

I look forward to working with our Chamber Board of Directors, our civic leaders and all of our engaged Chamber members to continue to make Greater Charlottesville the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Thank you.

Adrian Felts , 2016 Chairman of the Chamber Board of Directors
Chief Operations Officer, Centridian

Our Mission

The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to representing private enterprise, promoting business, and enhancing the quality of life in our Greater Charlottesville communities.